Ok, I have a theory about resolutions and why so many of us abandon them shortly after the New Year. Any guesses what it could be? Here it is – I suspect the problem has to do with resolutions not including a plan or path to success.

This year consider setting an intention instead of a resolution. With an intention, you are doing more than just setting a goal, you are also giving thought to how to achieve that goal.

Here’s what I mean:

Resolution: I will lose 10 pounds.

Intention: I will choose to eat more nutrient-dense whole foods and less packaged convenience foods with added sugars.

The example resolution states a clear goal but does not include a path to reaching it. While the example intention is focused on taking action and specifies what that action is. So if your goal is to drop some pandemic-pounds, give yourself a path to success by creating an intention.

What do you think?

Ready to try setting an intention? Write it down, tape it to your bathroom mirror, and use it as a daily reminder of your goal. If you could use some support with creating an intention around health for 2021, drop me a line!

Intention setting is one of the first things we do in The RESTART® Program. It helps participants get clear on their “why” for joining. We still have a few spaces available for the group beginning Tuesday, January 5th. Click to learn more and register today!

Know someone who might benefit from setting an intention? Please share this message with them.

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